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B.D.S.I. Recycling Center  

B.D.S.I. Recycling Center, a division of A.J. Blosenski, Inc., was formed in 1994 as a MRF (materials recovery facility) for the recyclables collected on our curbside routes. As a dual stream, clean MRF, we sort and process the materials, bale the product for transportation.
It is then shipped to an end-user who will reuse the product in their manufacturing process.

Within recent years the dynamics of the recycling industry has further developed and efforts have significantly increased the education of environmental awareness.
Consumer reactions have increased the amount of recycled product, keeping these materials from entering the waste stream.

In direct response to our customers and environment, B.D.S.I. has undergone recent expansion investments:

  • Horizontal Baler which enables us to bale all our different recycled products
  • 100 Ton Scale & Scale House Offices
  • Safety Training & Conference Center
  • Additional Loading Docks
  • Renovated Employee Locker Rooms

If you are interested in bringing us your product, please contact Denny Riggins for more information.



Products We Currently Process

OCC (Old Cardboard Containers)
Plastic (Codes 1 through and including 7)  
Aluminum Cans / Tin Cans / Glass
Mixed Paper

Our Processing Statistics

2.3 million pounds per year of processed recycled products

Our Proper Recycling Procedures

Recycling Procedures

2017 Bi-Weekly Recycle Schedule
Friday Week 21
Friday Week 22
Wednesday Week 21
Wednesday Week 22

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